Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MoM contributer

Hi all! My name is Cat and in addition to being a good friend with Kristen-- we also got to experience our pregnancies together and our babies were born just four days apart! So we were pretty much awesome moms together from day one. My perspective is slightly different because I'm a MoM-- a mother of multiples! I have two identical (we think, anyway, but more on that in another post) twin boys who are 4 months old. I'm looking forward to chiming in with my stories from the multiples angle, because it's a different challenge-- but all part of being an awesome mom!


On being awesome mommas

Being a mom is a whole lot of things. It is terrifying and wonderful and easy and impossible and gratifying and pointless. It is second guessing and feeling like a fool and shoving our confidence in the face of our fears. It is letting go and hanging on and laughing and crying and sharing and keeping quiet. It is digging deep and finding strength we forgot we saved and taking a loan out from future strength. It is so amazingly worth it.

It is awesome.

These are our stories: told to amuse, encourage, make you laugh, help us heal, and pass the hours spent pumping a little more creatively than playing the latest popcap game on our phones.